La Leche and Honey featuring Lech Wierzinski at Sweetwater in Mill Valley. Feb 28th, 2018. 8pm featuring ye olde Honeydrop jug band.

La Leche and Honey feat Lech Wierzynski from The California Honeydrops, & many others at Sweetwater Music Hall.
La Leche and Honey is a new project from California Honeydrops lead singer, guitarist, and trumpeter Lech Wierzynski. Returning to his roots as an acoustic street performer, Wierzynski’s new group explores everything from country blues to soul, all with a healthy dose of impromptu new orleans style street corner magic. Joined by members of the California Honeydrops past and present (Ben Malament, Lorenzo Loera, Charlie Hickox, Nansamba Ssensalo) as well as some of the best musicians from the Bay Area, La Leche and Honey take you on a musical journey filled with washboard, gut-bucket bass, horns and as much rhythm as your dancing feet can handle.

say hi. or leave a comment. thanks, Charlie

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