The Charlie Hickox Story

Charlie Hickox is a Piano Player and Singer from Cleveland, Ohio.

Currently living in Fairfax, California.

He plays and sings alot of New Orleans music, rhythm and blues, and traditional standards.
Some classic soul and country, too. Expounds on the great standards of yesteryear, as well.

Wrote a couple of tunes, Second Hand Information and Cruising(In My Automobile) which were recorded by the great Marty Balin. In the 1970’s.

Here’s some kind of biography:

Charlie Hickox is a piano player and singer from Cleveland, Ohio. He moved to the Western Addition in San Francisco in 1970.
In the early 1970’s he played the legendary Minnie’s Can-Do Club on Fillmore and Bush St. in S.F., working with Crazy Mike and the Bad All-Stars.

He moved on to play with the street Gospel group, Gideon and Power.
Gideon recorded on Bell Records, releasing an album, Live at Keystone Korner. They toured with the Supremes, too. Record was produced by famous New Orleans musicians, Harold Battiste and Melvin Lastie.

Played for many years, 1972-1990’s with the talented songwriter-guitarist, John Shine. Learned a lot playing with John and Bing Nathan in the Moons throughout the 1970’s. This band owned the East Bay reefer circuit during that time: The Ordinary, Freight and Salvage, New Orleans Room, even the collegiate ‘Steak and Lobster’ spots, The Refectory, Front Room, Rusty this, Broken that. Became a killer wedding and private party band, as well. All great gigs with amazing musicians.

In 1972 Charlie joined Marty Balin(Jefferson Airplane founder and lead singer) in Bodacious, a raucous experiment of Marty’s, recording an album on RCA records.
Marty later recorded Charlie’s song Cruising, with the Jefferson Starship, on the album, Spitfire.

Since 1975 Charlie has played the local club scene with many great Bay Area bands.
He has also donned his tuxedo or coat and tie to play many private parties where he has honed his hillbilly jazz, playing the great standards and trad tunes pounded out in a honky-tonk 2-beat.

Some of  the bands with whom he has played: The Naughts(Cleveland 1964-66),

The Restless Ones(Yale College, 1966-67), John Shine and the Moons(1972 – pending comeback), Don Burnham, Chicago Blues Power, The San Francisco Medicine Ball Band, Fess Up, Jeff Sanford Trio at Nick’s in Pacifica, 9th Ward Millionaires(Snakebite Jacobs), Tim Eshliman(various groups), The California Honeydrops, gumbowest, Mal Sharpe and Big Money), The Energy Crisis(Berkeley – 1970’s).

He loves playing songs by the New Orleans Rhythm and Blues greats. Songs by artists such as Huey ‘Piano’ Smith, Fats Domino, and Professor Longhair. Always sneaking in some of his faves by Ray Charles. Maybe a little Floyd Cramer, too. Loves him some Danny Barker and Rod Bernard, Belton Richard, and Cookie and The Cupcakes.

You do not want him to play classical or show tunes.

In June 2013, he finished(well, never quite finished) a steady two year stint with the formidable California Honeydrops.
Recorded a few tunes, in May of 2015, at the Drops’ Blues Cave, in Oakland. One of the tunes was Charlie’s 1969 Western Addition classic, Higher Degree of Sophistication.

These days Charlie is playing gigs with his friends around the bay. Performing with the likes of David Sturdevant(and his Medicine Ball Band), Tim Eshliman, Ken ‘Snakebite’ Jacobs(9th Ward Millionaires), gumbowest(Richard Mayers, Bob Scott, and Denny Geyer), and Mal Sharpe and Big Money.

Joe Bob says, check it out.

4 thoughts on “The Charlie Hickox Story

  1. Hi Charlie,

    It’s Kim from Lincoln Movers (blah, blah, storage, Cazadero, blah, blah) Your bio is exciting! BTW my daughter Katie played trombone with Cleveland’s Contemporary Youth Orchestra when they performed with the Jefferson Starship a couple years ago. I need to listen to your song, Cruising. Small World!

  2. HI Charlie. I enjoyed playing with you, all those years with John Shine and the Moons. I hope to play with you again sometime soon!

  3. Hey., my name is Charles ‘Chas’ Hickox

    I play guitar bass n drums.., just found u on a doodle search.., pretty cool..

    • yeah. too cool. I’m sure you’re better looking.
      where you be?
      there are a bunch of us Charles Hickoxes out there. all above average.
      was another one in my college class, even.

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