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  1. Hi Charlie. Just found your website! Great to see you’re gigging regularly. We’ve had similar career arcs. I played drums briefly in the Lunatic Fringe (1966) then in the Morning, with whom I dropped out of college in 1968 and headed to California. Wound up playing in a dozen rock, boogie, blues, or roots bands in LA, NY, and New Haven. I’m mostly playing slide guitar in the Boston area now. We share a love of the New Orleans sound. I played a lot of boogie piano in the French Quarter in the 70s with an LA band, Uncle Crusty & the Venice Canaligators. The Morning regrouped to play one of your class reunions. I forget if we reconnected then?? I have a daughter in Danville so the next time I’m out there I may just show up at one of your gigs. And if you’re attending your next college reunion, I may see you there (I often crash it). Good luck with your career!

    • thanks John,
      I want to say hey. i’m going to write you again.
      thanks for your cool note.
      i really appreciate it. the morning was the coolest.
      i want to talk about all your new orleans and everywhere doings.
      I’ll send you my phone no.
      all the best,

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