moon music – Charlie’s 1978 album(cassette)

some original tunes from way back when. the moon music sessions – 1978

we sold over 25 cassettes of this hit ‘album’


  • Charlie Hickox–vocals and piano and sax(god help us)
  • Bobby Castro – background vocals
  • Steve and Terry Hazlewood–bass and drums
  • Steve Tamborski–guitar
  • Jaime Velve–arp solo
  • Joel Skidmore–engineer, producer
  • facilitator Patrice Hickox–concept
higher degree of sophistication
bring on the light
it just don’t seem right
gonna ride it
but now you’re gone
from moon music session #2
I can’t make you love me
velve plays hickox – reprise
a song from those days – recorded these days
2nd hand information