The Restless Ones – a Rhythm and Blues band – New Haven, CT – 1966-1967

a couple of Restless Ones

a couple of Restless Ones
Charlie Hickox and Dave Pieri

The Restless Ones was a great band out of Yale College, circa 1960’s

Played lots of mixers throughout the northeast, even played private parties.

Some great players came  through the ranks: Wendell John-lead singer and dictator, Steve Tyre-bass, Bill Newhall-drummer and leader, Dave Pieri-bass, Rick Varrial-guitar

Dave, Rick, and I were lucky to be recruited into the Restless Ones, when college freshman, in 1966.

The other guys had already established a solid reputation over the previous years. For ’66-67, Steve and the previous guitar and bass players had formed a soul band of their own, Prince Lala.  I think they were playing for George Bush and friends over at the frat houses. One night they opened at a frat house for a New York band that was late, then, at the end of the night the other band took all of Prince Lala’s equipment.

Below are tracks recorded by Wendell, Bill, Dave, Rick, and me(on Farfisa Organ and vocal on She’s Not There)) at the Yale radio station in the spring of 1967:

Here are some more tracks recorded with Steve Tyre on bass and Chris Blake on guitar, during the summer of 1967 at Doc’s studio in Connecticut. I did the vocal on I Got a Woman.

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